Photo courtesy of J. King, WSU

Photo courtesy of J. King, WSU

Want to propagate your own cider apple trees?

Thanks to a collaboration with Dr. Carol Miles of Washington State University, the NWCA is selling dormant scion wood harvested from the WSU Mount Vernon NWREC's cider research orchard.

HOW TO ORDER: Visit the scionwood store and shop! Many varieties are in limited supply, and are sold on a first come, first served basis. Each stick costs $2.00. An invoice including shipping costs will be sent to you once we receive your order. Scions will be harvested in January 2017 and shipped in February. They are on average 12" long with about 10 buds on each. Sorry, we do not sell rootstock.



If you placed an order and have questions about it, please send an email. Thank you for supporting nWCA!


CLICK HERE for WSU's cider program information and research publications (this will bring you to their website).

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