Drinks Made with Cider

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Cider Cocktail Recipes


Winter Mimosa

Blood oranges have a gorgeous ruby red color and tasty raspberry notes mixed in with their orange flavors. Their season typically begins in January and continues through March.

makes 1 cocktail | start to finish: 5 minutes

2 ounces chilled fresh blood orange juice
4 ounces chilled méthode champenoise cider
optional garnish: blood orange twist
Pour the blood orange juice into a champagne flute. Top with cider, garnish with a twist of blood orange zest and serve.

The best mimosas are made with ultra-fizzy methode champenoise ciders that tend towards the dry side. Look for Finnriver Artisan Sparkling Cider, Snowdrift Cider Co. Dry, or Perry, Eaglemount Homestead Dry or Perry, Westcott Bay Cider Dry or Very Dry, Tieton Cider Works Tieton Blend or Precipice Perry.

Submitted by Jill Lightner, Editor of Edible Seattle @edibleseattle

Submitted by Jill Lightner, Editor of Edible Seattle