Cider Beer Cooler

recipe courtesy Neil Yamamoto for Finnriver Farm & Cidery

With the barest hint of black currant, this cooler mimics a shandy—but it’s just a touch fruitier than the classic combination of beer and hibiscus.

makes 1 highball | start to finish: 5 minutes

Combine cider and black currant brandy wine in a chilled pint glass. Top with the lager, pouring slowly to prevent foaming. Gently stir the ingredients together with a long-handled spoon; the color should be like a stout beer

Bitten Cherry

Tieton Cider Work’s cherry cider has remarkably complex cherry flavors, with hints of allspice and clove. It’s delicious with the depth and mineral qualities of a good stout.

makes 1 pint | start to finish: 5 minutes

Pour the cherry cider into a chilled pint glass. Top up the glass with stout, poured over the back of a spoon so it will layer nicely and not foam. Serve immediately.