Cyril Zangs - Saint-Germain-De-Livet, France

Cyril Zang with Rick from Liberty Cider Works.

Cyril Zang with Rick from Liberty Cider Works.


3 hectares of standard Orchard with cattle underneath ¾ of the year

17 apple varieties

Produces 6000-20,000 bottles/year depending on the harvest

Collectively: 25% bittersweet

10% Sweet Acid

Rest are sweets


All by hand, no tractors used or owned. Shake and collect from ground into 25Kilo onion bags.

These bags are then left to sweat/rest for a 1 month in the cider barn- Though the later harvested fruit will sometimes rest for 2 months.

Blending at the press: Apples are blended at the press to create different editions from the harvest

Pressing from Sept thru Dec

Fermentation in Fiberglass tanks: Does not do the true keeve but racks off repeatedly to create the incomplete fermentation.

1) Juice at S.G. 1.060 into tank with no temp control all ambient dependent.

2) before losing 5 points rack off

3) rack off 4-5 times to achieve a fermentation rate of 1.002/week

4) bottle at S.G. 1011-1.014

5) bottle condition for 2-3 months

6) Move to riddling racks and compact yeast with standard riddling technique.


6) disgorge, and top off, and cork and cage


Notes: really moldy ceilings, tiny space, delightfully aromatic ciders  with a low acid high tannin profile. Slight hints of tobacco resounding.