Finnriver Cider & Dessert Wine Celebration at Full Throttle - April 18, 2012

You know Finnriver makes cider. You may also know Finnriver makes dessert wines. But did you know you can have BOTH at one time? Let's have some fun with Finnriver ciders and mix up a couple of fresh, Spring-time cocktails! This is one mixology event you don't want to miss. Whether it's cider cocktails or their stand-alone products, come taste the great variety from Finnriver. We're excited to welcome Gabby who will be showcasing the different items and explaining how to make some fun and creative summertime beverages!

Pear Squared Cocktail
Featuring Finnriver Sparkling Pear Cider with a warm splash of Pear Wine. Enjoy the brightness of this cider, made from heirloom and organic dessert apples, blended with the elegant sweetness and subtle delights of organic pear. A timeless taste of the orchard. Mixed with the Pear Wine, it's divine! Finnriver Royale Presenting a cider twist on the classic

Kir Royale!
We'll blend the newly released 2012 Finnriver Artisan Sparkling Cider with a healthy dose of Black Currant Wine. Crafted using the traditional, labor-intensive méthode champenoise, this bright, naturally carbonated champagne-style cider offers an effervescent apple bouquet, tart elements of the orchard, and a crisp, clean finish. Enjoy the golden clarity and enduring bubbles mixed with the Black Currant Wine - fruit for grown ups!

Spirited Apple Wine
This one is great as a stand alone - you'll taste why. The wholesome apple may surprise you with the sophisticated side revealed etc.