PICC 2018 Winners

2018 Portland International Cider Cup Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Portland International Cider Cup winners. Chosen from over 160 entrants, these ciders highlight this region’s best in production.

Best of Show

Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse, Sea Cider Bittersweet   Best of Show

Montana CiderWorks, Darby Pub Cider   Runner-up

Cideries of the Year

Large Cidery of the Year    2 Towns Ciderhouse

Medium Cidery of the Year  Swift Cider

Small Cidery of the Year    Montana CiderWorks

New Cidery of the Year    Draper Girls


Gold    Swift Cider, Marionberry, Fruit Cider-Cane Fruit
Gold    Draper Girls Cider Co., Aronia Berry, Fruit Cider-Other Fruit
Gold    Rack and Cloth, Peche, Fruit Cider -Stone Fruit
Gold    Square Mile Cider Company, Hopped Apple Cider, Hopped Cider
Gold    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Nice and NaughtySpiced/Herbed Cider
Gold    Elkhorn Brewery, Very Perry, Modern Perry
Gold    Dragon’s Head, Perry, Traditional Perry
Gold    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Bright Cider, Modern Dry Cider
Gold    Portland Cider Company, Sorta Sweet, Modern Sweet Cider
Gold    Liberty Ciderworks, Manchurian Crab SV, Specialty
Gold    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Traditions 2015 La Mure, Wild/Non-Sac
Gold    Cider Riot!,  Shaken Tree, English Dry Cider
Gold    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Traditions 2016 Cider Bouche, French Cider
Gold    Bauman’s Cider,  Clyde’s Dry, Heritage Dry Cider

Silver    Bauman’s Cider, Loganberry Cider, Fruit Cider-Cane Fruit
Silver    Tieton Ciderworks, Cherry, Fruit Cider – Cherry
Silver    North Idaho Cider, North Idaho Berry Eclipse, Fruit Cider-Other Cider
Silver    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Cot in the Act, Fruit Cider Stone Fruit
Silver    Swift Cider, Pineapple Hop, Hopped
Silver    Chatter Creek Wine and Cider, Chatter Creek Cider, Spiced/Herbed Cider
Silver    Liberty Ciderworks, Stonewall, Wood/Oaked
Silver    Eden Valley Orchards, Eden Valley Orchards Pear House Cider, Modern Cider
Silver    Carlton Cyderworks, French Lane Perry, Traditional Perry
Silver    Western Cider Co., McIntosh 2017, Modern Dry Cider
Silver    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Outcider, Modern Sweet Cider
Silver    Snowdrift Cider Co., Red, Specialty
Silver   Carlton Cyderworks, French Lane Press, English Dry Cider
Silver   Montana Ciderworks, North Fork Traditional, English Sweet Cider
Silver   Finnriver Farm and Cidery,  Finnriver Farmstead Cider, Heritage Dry Cider

Bronze    Seattle Cider Company, Berry Rose, Fruit Cider -Cane Fruit
Bronze    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Rhubarbian, Fruit Cider-Other Fruit
Bronze    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Man Gogh, Fruit Cider-Stone Fruit
Bronze    Rootwood Cider Company, Hop Infused, Hopped
Bronze    Tumalo Cider Co, Thai Citrus, Spiced/Herbed Cider
Bronze    Portland Cider Company, Blackberry Pinot, Wood/Oaked
Bronze    Portland Cider Company, Pearfect Perry, Modern Perry
Bronze    Swift Cider, Hard Apple, Modern Dry Cider
Bronze    Montana Ciderworks, McIntosh, Modern Sweet Cider
Bronze    Elkhorn Brewery, Grape Perry, Specialty
Bronze    Tieton Cider Works , Perry, Wild/Non-Sac
Bronze    2 Towns Ciderhouse, Cellar Series-West Country Replica, English Dry Cider
Bronze    2 Towns Ciderhouse, 2016 Demi-Sec, French Cider
Bronze    WildCraft Ciderworks, Willamette Heritage, Heritage Dry Cider
Bronze    Western Cider Co., Heirloom, Heritage Sweet Cider