Super Sunday Cider Bro-Down at Bottleworks

  • Bottleworks 1710 N45th St. Seattle, WA 98117

Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!! Philippe from Alpenfire Cider in Port Townsend and Dave from Whitewood Cider in Olympia are in the house for a Super Sunday Cider Bro-Down. We will be pouring cider on draft as well as cracking open bottles for a badass, hardcore, Washington Cider tasting with two righteous cider dudes. Stop by between 2-5  for some awesomeness.

     Alpenfire Cider is an old favorite of the shop. These dudes currently produce the only certified organic cider in the state and have been for years. Philippe will be here, taking a break from shredding the gnar on his surfboard, to talk all things cider and especially why/how Alpenfire is doing it the old school way.

     Whitewood Cider will be representing it hard with both bottles and draft here at the shop. They are in their freshman year of making cider but my main man Dave is not new to the game. Y'all may know Old Timey Dave from maybe every cider event in Washington. This dude is seriously plugged in and out of the gate is making some rad ciders.

1710 N45th St., Seattle, WA 98117

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