Cider Riot! Limited Releases and Events for CBC Week


Cider Riot! unveils limited edition collaboration ciders during The Craft Brewers Conference April 15-18th in Portland. With CBC in town, the focus is clearly on Oregon’s unsurpassed brewing industry, but the region’s cidermakers are leading the cider resurgence just as Cascadian brewers did in the craft beer revolution over the last 30 years. In Portland cider is 4.3% of the beer market, to celebrate the juice of the apple, Cider Riot! is taking part in three not to miss events next week during the conference and releasing a series of limited edition ciders on draught.

Ciderkin release and Cidermakers’ Social
Wednesday April 15th, 4-9pm Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider and Public Taproom, 1813 NE 2nd Ave
In 2013 Cider Riot! teamed up with Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider to produce a ciderkin from the bittersweet cider apples used in its 1763 reserve line. It was so well received that the two cideries decided to make ciderkin again in 2014. Much like a small beer in brewing, ciderkin involves rehydrating and fermenting pressed out apple pomace, yielding a beverage with 2.5%-3% abv. Fermented with natural yeasts from the apple skins, ciderkin is funky and slightly tart, with a nice tannic balance from the bittersweet cider apples. In addition to ciderkin cidermakers from around the region will be pouring their ciders and there to talk about them.

Snakebite Ale + Cider + Punk Rock
Thurs. April 16th, Star Theater 13 NW 6th Ave, Portland Doors 7.30pm $10 (free w/CBC badge until 9pm Join Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co., Cider Riot!, Gigantic Brewing Company and Micro-brasserie Trou de Diable for a night of punk rock and limited release beers and ciders, with Northwest punk pioneers D.O.A., Local anarcho punks Defiance (original 1995 lineup), Dance Laury Dance from Quebec, Audio Visceral from Ontario and DJ Erock spinning classic punk vinyl. Gigantic, Beau’s and Cider Riot! teamed up to bring you Snakebite, a Kölsch-style ale with cider and blackcurrant. Cider Riot! and Beau’s combined forces on Tractor Punx bog myrtle cider. Bog myrtle, (aka sweet gale) was used in beers and meads before the advent of hops, and until the 1950’s in Scandinavia. Using bog myrtle wildcrafted from the bogs of Eastern Ontario, Tractor Punx has an inviting cherry bark and vanilla aroma with a hint of tannin from the bog myrtle.

The Champoeg Series at Hopped Cider Festival
Saturday April 18th 2-10pm, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider and Public Taproom, 1813 NE 2nd Ave
Cider Riot! presents the Champoeg Series. A series of limited edition unfiltered dry ciders made with organically grown hops from Pat Leavy’s Oregon Hophouse outside of Butteville, near Champoeg, the site of the first organized government in the Oregon Country. Pat’s grandfather began growing hops on the farm in the 1920’s. The first certified organic hop grower in Oregon, Pat Leavy began breeding his own hops, in order to develop varieties uniquely suited to organic agriculture in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Cider Riot! is happy to promote organic agriculture and has made a selection of limited edition ciders with some of Pat’s experimental hops.
Everybody Pogo™ our year-round hoppy cider, floral and spicy hop flavor from a classic English hop variety, one of the original varieties Pat Leavy began growing organically. Ready for your eager thirst™
Cidre de François Xavier Matthieu– a dry cider made with Leavy’s X-17 experimental hop, which lends its fruity tropical notes to the cider. This cider is dedicated to F.X. Matthieu, a Québécois revolutionary, and one of the original founders of the Republic of Oregon at Champoeg in 1843.
Experimental Hop A109-9- Classic Oregon hop flavors and aromas abound, dank, resinous, piney and a hint citrusy, this hop dominates the cider.
Experimental Hop BuFa-1– Juicy blackcurrant aroma from the hops, with blackberry leaf herbacious character define this unfiltered cider.

Cider Riot! is a small-scale urban cidery located in Portland’s North Tabor neighborhood, dedicated to the production of flavorful dry ciders. Founded in 2013, Cider Riot! ciders may now be found at better bottleshops throughout Cascadia.

Media Contact: Abram Goldman-Armstrong 503.662.8275

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