PRESS RELEASE: Cider Riot! Releases Opal S.A.S.H.™


Portland, Oregon – The S.M.A.S.H. (single malt and single hop) trend has been sweeping the craft beer world recently. At Cider Riot! we thought we’d take a stab at pairing German Opal hops with Washington grown Opal apples for a zesty dry cider with plenty of hop character. We are very proud to introduce the first in our S.A.S.H.™ (Single Apple Single Hop) series.
European-bred Opal apples are certified Non-GMO and do not brown when cut or milled, resulting in a very pale colored cider. Grown by Ralph Broetje, at Broetje Orchards in Washington, Opal® apples were developed in Europe in 1999. Opal hops were bred at the Hop Research Centre in Hüll, Germany and registered in 2001. They exhibit characteristic noble hop spiciness and pair well with soft flavors of the Opal apples.

The high sugar content of the Opal apples gives this dry cider 7.97% abv. Opal S.A.S.H. is available on draft for a limited time only.

About Cider Riot!
Cider Riot! Is an urban cidery in Portland’s North Tabor Neighborhood dedicated to the production of flavorful and refreshing dry ciders. Cider Riot! was founded in 2013, the 250th anniversary of the Cider Riots in the English West Country.

For more information about Cider Riot! or the Single Apple Single Hop (S.A.S.H.™) Series contact Abram Goldman-Armstrong or 503.730.5597


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