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Milton-Freewater, OR – Blue Mountain Cider Company has launched the first stage of a multi-phase company rebrand.  This exciting development includes a new face for the mainstay blends Eden Ridge and Dry Creek, which are now be known as Semi-Sweet and Dry.  Moving to a more affordable price range with bold new packaging for their 22 ounce bottles, these two blends will also be available in brand new 4-packs of twelve ounce bottles.

“For years our product has been sold and poured much like a wine.  For these two ciders in particular, the light body and traditional styling, along with being named after orchards, have come across much like wine branding.  The new age of the cider industry appeals to a much larger crowd including younger, more ‘beer-like’ consumers.  In efforts to share our cider with a broader customer base, the new Semi-Sweet and Dry are approachable and affordable for all cider lovers.”
Eric Brown – National Sales Manager

Blue Mountain Cider is a company of tradition.  The Brown Family have been farming apples in the Walla Walla Valley for over 45 years.  One of the oldest producers in the Northwest, Blue Mountain utilizes the family’s 1,400 acres of estate apples to craft ciders both traditional and new age.  Managed by members of the second and third generations, the company continues to press into the new cider frontier.  

“Our family has been producing cider since 2003.  In it’s fourteen years, Blue Mountain Cider Company has seen a drastic change in the cider landscape and explosion into the ever-evolving industry we know today.  We pride ourselves in creating cider with apples from our family orchards that are fresh-pressed and blending into top quality beverages.  By using our own fruit, we also have the opportunity to create our products for cheaper than some other cider companies.  With this in mind, we’re now broadening the Blue Mountain product line into multiple tiers that are accessible to a larger community of cider lovers.”
Andrew Brown – Head Cidermaker

The coming months will bring more developments of the new Blue Mountain.  These will include an enhanced focus on unique estate single varieties which the company specializes in and maximizing of the crowd-favorite premium fruit blends.  

Semi-Sweet and Dry 4-packs are available now in all markets where Blue Mountain is sold.  Try some today!

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