PRESS RELEASE: Liberty Ciderworks Scrumpy Cider Release

June 19th, 2017

Save an Apple, Feed a Neighbor, Pour Some Backyard Cider!

SPOKANE, Wash. Liberty Ciderworks is releasing a special batch of cider to benefit Second Harvest. Called Spokane Scrumpy Cider, it’s made from apples rescued from backyards, roadsides, and abandoned orchards in the Spokane area. Last harvest season volunteers collected more than 6,000 pounds of fruit that otherwise would have gone to waste and delivered it to Second Harvest for use in the cider.

Scrumpy is a unique addition to the ciders produced by Liberty Ciderworks, not only because it’s made from apples which aren’t quite market-quality, but because of its organic nature.

“We wanted to focus on what volunteers were collecting and let the cider become what it may,said Austin Dickey, co-owner and founder of Liberty Ciderworks.

Liberty Ciderworks, located in downtown Spokane, pressed and began fermenting the cider last fall. Juice from the apples was allowed to ferment with the “wildyeast found on the fruit, at cool temperatures during a process that took about three months.

“A good wild yeast is often better than a cultured yeast you get more interesting, layered flavors,Dickey said.

This batch turned out light but complex with some buttery chardonnay notes,” Dickey said. “If you respect white wine, you will appreciate it. It’s a little sweeter and more buttery than some of our other ciders. Our approach to Scrumpy was just to let the apples and yeast do the talking.

Second Harvest provides nutritious food at no cost to thousands of people facing hardship throughout Eastern Washington and North Idaho every day.

“We love the Scrumpy Cider project. Not only does Second Harvest appreciate the generous donation from Liberty Ciderworks that allows us to get more food to more people, but rescuing unused apples is in line with our tenet of no food waste” said Drew Meuer, Second Harvest Chief Development Officer.

You can sample the Scrumpy Cider and learn a little about cider production during a release event on June 27, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Second Harvest Kitchen. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Spokane Scrumpy Cider will benefit Second Harvest. Guests will also have the opportunity to talk barbecue sauce and rub secrets with Casey Booey, of Booey’s Gourmet. His fiery fun sauces will be paired with food prepared by staff at The Kitchen at Second Harvest. To register for the event, go to


Media Contact:
Julie Humphreys,
Community Relations Mgr. Second Harvest
1234 East Front Avenue Spokane, WA 99202
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