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2023 NW Cider Cup Winners Announced

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The region’s most competitive cider and perry cup celebrates a record breaking 10th year!

PORTLAND, OREGON (June 16, 2023)

2023 NW Cider Cup  winners were announced Thursday evening, at Polaris Hall in Portland, Oregon. Simultaneously, results of this competitive showdown of cider and perry excellence streamed live on Northwest Cider Association’s instagram feed @nwcider

The Portland crowd, a vibrant grouping of nearly 200 makers, industry professionals and cider enthusiasts, donning dress-to-impress attire, cheered enthusiastically at each accolade. “The cider community in our region is very passionate and innovative,” NW Cider Association’s Executive Director, Emily Ritchie states. The competition’s playful Best Dressed Award, selected live from amongst attendees on award night, is an annual crowd favorite. 

2023 was a record breaking year receiving 279 entries, from 51 unique commercial cider and perry makers across Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and British Columbia. In this banner year, entries competed in 19 categories, for up to 57 medals - one possible gold, silver and bronze per category. “Something that sets The Cup apart is how competitive it is to win.” Ritchie says. This year, only 19% of all entries were awarded. “These medals really matter,” she concludes. The 2023 Best of Show went to Alpenfire Cider from Washington for Glow-Airlie Red Flesh Single Varietal in the Red-Fleshed Dry Category. The Best of Show Runner-Up went to Yonder Cider also in Washington for their Barrel Aged Perry in the High-Tannin Perry Category.

2023 Best of Show Runner Up - Barrel Aged Perry, Yonder Cider (WA) and 2023 Best of Show - Glow - Airlie Red Flesh Single Varietal, Alpenfire Cider (WA)

NW Cider Cup, the region’s longest standing, most competitive blind judging of ciders and perries, has been organized since 2016 by the Northwest Cider Association, a regional non-profit that is nearly 100 cidery members strong. The Cup, founded a decade ago by local cidermakers aims to inspire and maintain high quality. That purpose remains a priority today. “Cidermakers want to win, but they’re also really rooting for each other.” Ritchie notes. “When NW makers take home gold and cider fans notice, the whole category benefits. This is a collaborative and supportive community.” 

51 total medals were awarded to 24 cideries in 2023. Entries increased by 12%, from 241 in 2022, following a 60% increase in entries from 2021 to 2022. Low Tannin Dry, Single Varietal, Red-Fleshed Sweet and 16 other categories were evaluated in an all-day judging session on Monday, June 12th in Portland, Oregon. 

2023 competition stats also boasted a record setting 62 judges with a cohort that mirrors cider owner and drinker demographics with roughly 50:50 male/female split. Judges included: 8 Certified Pommeliers™, the most advanced professional status the American Cider Association (ACA) currently offers, numerous Certified Cider Professionals, cidermakers, and category aficionados. Judges hailed from as far as Vermont, Virginia, New York, California, Washington, Idaho and the United Kingdom. Competition judges were trained to review: appearance, aroma, flavor and mouthfeel of each entry. The assessment, critique and praise makers receive as a result of this competition is part of an innovative feedback loop,  provided to makers a bit outside of the mainstream, from a uniquely relevant pool of qualified experts.

The NW Cider Cup aspires to help cider curious better understand and articulate what they like in ciders, demystify how to select the best. The competition results offer a what to drink guide for anyone excited about NW cider today.

This spring, the competition got a fresh logo and updated name: NW Cider Cup, formerly Portland International Cider Cup. Categories and evaluation criteria got an update following an in depth industry focus group review. New software, new receiving, judging and party locations all spurred new systems and served as catalysts for change. “We’re excited to be evolving the competition in a growing category. Local cider sales grew 30% over the last year!” Ritchie comments. The NW Cider Association team agrees the competition is in the process of being reinvigorated.

2023 NW Cider Cup Winners

Glow - Airlie Red Flesh Single Varietal, Alpenfire Cider (WA) - Red-Fleshed Cider Dry Category

Barrel Aged Perry, Yonder Cider (WA) - High-Tannin Perry Category

Empyrical Orchard and Cidery (WA) - AND - Heartland Ciderworks (OR) 

Puget Sound Cider Company (WA)

Bauman's Cider (OR)

2 Towns Ciderhouse (OR)

GOLD, Mac Dry, 2 Towns Ciderhouse - OR
SILVER - Dry Cider,  Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery - OR
BRONZE - Transplant, Highpoint Cider - ID

GOLD - 11th Anniversary, 2 Towns Ciderhouse - OR
SILVER - Original Cosmic Crisp, 2 Towns Ciderhouse - OR
BRONZE - Local Legend, Schilling Cider - WA

GOLD - Kingston Black, Puget Sound Cider Company - WA
SILVER - Reine Des Pommes, Bauman's Cider - OR
BRONZE - Dabinett Yarlington Mill  /  Dual Varietal, Alpenfire Cider - WA

GOLD - Estate Blend Rootwood Cider Company Gold WA
SILVER - Excelsior Imperial Apple Schilling Cider Silver WA
BRONZE - La Raison Reserve Empyrical Orchards and Cider Bronze WA

GOLD - Glow - Airlie Red Flesh Single Varietal, Alpenfire Cider - WA
SILVER - Mountain Rosé, Puget Sound Cider Company - WA
BRONZE - Wenatchee Wave, Yonder CiderWA

SILVER - Mountain Rose Single Varietal,  Bauman's CiderOR

GOLD - Perry, Seattle Cider Company - WA

GOLD - Barrel Aged Perry, Yonder Cider - WA
BRONZE - Principle, Empyrical Orchard and Cidery - WA

GOLD - Mezcal Barrel Aged Cider, Bauman's Cider - OR
SILVER - Reserve Cider, Kristof Farms - OR

GOLD - Kingston Black, Puget Sound Cider Company - WA
SILVER - Brown Snout, Single Varietal Bauman's Cider - OR
BRONZE - McIntosh Pet Nat, Bauman's Cider - OR

GOLD - Quince Cider, Victoria Cider Co - BC
SILVER - Blackberry Pear, Puget Sound Cider Company - WA
BRONZE - Wild Blue Huckleberry, Puget Sound Cider Company - WA

GOLD - Plum Dandy, Meriwether Cider - ID
SILVER - Coulee, Yonder Cider - WA
BRONZE - Cherry Lane, Sea Cider - BC

GOLD - Palisades, Yonder Cider - WA
SILVER - Yuzu Plum, 19 Acres Cider Co. - OR
BRONZE - Loganberry Cider, Bauman's Cider - OR

GOLD - Liquid Limber, Union Hill Cider Co. - WA
SILVER - Hop Shot, Meriwether CiderID
BRONZE - Imperial Citra Kissed, Cedar Draw Cider - ID

GOLD - The Baddie, 2 Towns Ciderhouse - OR
SILVER - Lavender Black Currant, Finnriver Farm & Cidery - WA
BRONZE - Lavender Honey, Shuswap Cider Company - BC

GOLD - Pineapple Mai Tai, Swift Cider - OR
SILVER - Pumpkin Spice, Seattle Cider Company - WA
BRONZE - Cucumber Jalapeno, Incline Cider Company - WA

GOLD - Ore No. 001, Runcible Cider Company - OR
SILVER - Pomona, Sea Cider - BC
BRONZE - Apple Mistelle - #2 | Estate Blend, Alpenfire Cider - WA

GOLD - N/A Pacific Pineapple Cider, 2 Towns Ciderhouse - OR
SILVER - The Little Apple, Heartland Ciderworks - OR
BRONZE - Light Cider, Bauman's Cider - OR

GOLD - Sour Empress, Cedar Draw CiderID
SILVER - Plum As You Are, 2 Towns Ciderhouse - OR
BRONZE - Hollow Jack, 2 Towns Ciderhouse - OR

We’re hiring for a Membership and Communications Coordinator

The Northwest Cider Association is looking for a positive, hard-working membership coordinator to be the first point of contact between members and our association. The coordinator is responsible for working closely with members, both existing and potential, in order to meet their needs and provide excellent customer service.


The Northwest Cider Association envisions the Pacific Northwest at the heart of the craft cider movement with a vibrant, collaborative industry where anyone can share in the success and joy of cider.  Our mission is to nurture the community, economy, and ecosystem of a thriving cider culture for our members and consumers by supporting businesses, inspiring quality, and telling the story of Pacific Northwest cider.

About the Position:

This is a part-time, remote position that reports directly to the Executive Director. Compensation range between $20-$25/h depending on experience. Competitive salary and generous benefits including PTO, paid sick leave, casual dress and remote work.


Primary Duties of the Membership Coordinator:

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for members, prospective members, and partners.
  • Develop and manage online and offline content for members, including video content.
  • Manage membership coordination via NWCA website and Wild Apricot software applications.
  • Ensure members are informed about events, member-centered activities, and special initiatives by preparing and issuing regular emails and written communications.
  • Ensure excellent customer relations by helping members make the most of their association benefits.
  • Assist with event management, including registration, booking venues, etc.
  • Provide team support at in-person events, approximately 3x year.
  • Administrative duties to support Executive Director and team members.



Skills and qualifications:

  • Good written and oral communications
  • Strong technology skills, including familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPress, database management (preferably with Wild Apricot or similar CRM)
  • Personable, friendly, and outgoing personality who enjoys interacting with people
  • Remote position, no office. Flexible hours within 9-5 parameter
  • Strong internet connection
  • Interest for the Northwest (fermented) cider industry
  • Preference for someone in Portland, OR or PNW
  • Self-starter



Other details:

  • Job hours may flex during event cycles. Guaranteed 20h weekly.



Application process:

  • Accepting applications from now until February 11th on a rolling basis. Ideal start date is early April.


To APPLY: Please email resume and cover letter to NWCA’s Director: Write in the subject line of the email: Membership Coordinator Application



CORE ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES ​​(Guiding principles that define how we treat each other, our members and the public in our daily interactions)


COLLABORATION: We believe in the power of teamwork founded on trust, and value the transformative impact of collaboration.


INCLUSIVITY: We listen with empathy and respect for one another, affirm the dignity and worth of each member of our community, and treat people with kindness.


ROOTED: We act with integrity and authenticity, commit to an ethos of openness, and achieve tangible results founded on the highest ethical standards.


EXEMPLARY: We engage with enthusiasm, dedication and pride, thinking big and creatively to help advance our industry in new and inspiring ways.


PASSION: We do our best work when we do it with a strong sense of purpose and a passion for each other and for cider.


FUN: Through our collegial culture, we celebrate each other’s victories and have each other’s backs—which helps us build a stronger team, a thriving industry, and a better future for all.

Northwest Cider Association hires third employee -Jana Daisy-Ensign

Northwest Cider Association (NWCA), dedicated to connecting cider fans and the Northwest ciders they love, got one employee stronger this month, with the official hire of Jana Daisy-Ensign. 


Bringing a new full-time employee on board marks a notable growth milestone for the Association and speaks to NWCA’s unwavering commitment to serve the industry and grow the cider sector in the Pacific Northwest. As a Program Manager, Daisy-Ensign joins employees: Executive Director, Emily Ritchie and Program & Membership Coordinator, MJ Harris along with core contractors: Strategic Communications Director, Michelle Markesteyn, PhD and Program Manager, Emily Becker.


Daisy-Ensign was contracted to be part of NWCA’s small, but mighty all-woman team beginning fall 2019, with a plan to orchestrate in-person trade and consumer-facing events across the region. When pandemic forced a pivot, Daisy-Ensign hosted virtual meet the maker events and the team got busy launching the nation’s premier cider subscription service, NW Cider Club, delivering curated cider to 39 states. Prior, Daisy-Ensign was actively involved with the Association, serving on the Oregon Cider Week Planning Committee, judging at Portland International Cider Cup and helping organize Cider Rite of Spring (2017). 


Daisy-Ensign brings valuable insider perspective, versatility and connections to the role, having logged nearly two decades in craft beverage. She has experience working in distribution, consulting, sales, events, marketing and category writing, holds a Masters Degree in Communications, helped found Pomme Boots Society – for women in cider (2015) and earned Certified Pommelier™ status in 2020, as one of a small number of American Cider Association’s highest ranking cider experts.


Media contact: Emily Ritchie, Executive Director

Portland International Cider Cup 2021 Medal Winners Announced!


Portland International Cider Cup 2021 Winners Announced

Northwest cidermakers have been hard at work turning apple juice into liquid gold!

PORTLAND, Ore. – Nov 19, 2021

The Northwest Cider Association (NWCA) proudly announced the 2021 winners of their annual Portland International Cider Cup (PICC) competition last night at a sold-out awards party at Swift Cider in NE Portland. NWCA unveiled 45 medal winning ciders across an array of categories, ranging from Modern Dry to Traditional Perries. 

Prize for Best in Show!

“We’re judging one of the most prestigious apple growing regions, and a place that puts a high value on craft culture. These awards are big,” says Emily Ritchie, Executive Director of Northwest Cider Association. NWCA is a non-profit supporting cidermakers in four Northwest states and British Columbia – an area recognized as one of the most innovative cider regions in the nation. The Northwest is home to 150 orchard-based, small, independent, and mid-sized makers, and the 8th annual Portland International Cider Cup is the region’s premier judged competition. “Makers rely on this event for critical peer review, not to mention bar, restaurant and retail buyers who use these results for curating their cider selections.”


The Big Winners Are…

Best In Show – “Bittersweet Cider” from Sea Cider Farm and Cidery (Victoria, BC): They’ve taken home this award for the second time (first in 2018) for this cider

Runner Up – “11th Anniversary Heirloom Cider” from 2 Towns Cider (OR) 

Small Cidery of the Year – Puget Sound Cider (WA) 

Medium Cidery of the Year – Bauman’s Cider Co (OR) 

Large Cidery of the Year – 2 Towns Ciderhouse (OR) 


Some Noteworthy Medal Winners…

New Cideries

Gold: Peak Light Cider (OR) for “Orchard Reserve Quince” 

Silver: Yonder Cider (WA) for “Yonder Bar Anniversary Blend” 


Established Cideries

Gold: Finnriver Farm & Cidery (WA) for “Traditional Perry” 

Silver: Seattle Cider (WA) for both “City Fruit” and “Pumpkin Spice” ciders

Gold: Fraser Valley Cider Company (British Columbia) for “Scrumpy” 

Silver: Western Cider (MT) for “Farmhouse” 

For a full listing of winners, keep scrolling down.

Ciders are judged by trained industry experts looking for both flaws and determined style qualities. The competition is strict and not all categories take medals if the quality is not there.

“After a hiatus last year, it felt like the right call to bring back this critical competition,” Ritchie states. “Partnering with Swift Cider to hold the awards in their industrial cider space gave us an opportunity to safely gather people in a celebratory place. It was a fantastic night that shows the resiliency of this community and this growing category!”

With the pandemic in full swing over the last year and a half, cideries faced serious production and sales challenges, the NWCA dug deep to find innovative opportunities to support the Association’s nearly 100 cidery members in their three pronged mission – maintaining sales, increasing cider quality and fostering community. The main campaign has become the nation’s premier cider subscription, the NW Cider Club. The quarterly subscription features curated boxes of themed cider experiences delivered to the door. The coming Spring box will be themed “Best Of” and will feature winning ciders from the 2021 PICC awards.

Sea Cider’s youngest owner, Thomas, came from Victoria to claim the cup!

Here is the full list of medal winners:

2018 Cidre Bouché2 Towns CiderhouseFrench CiderBronze
2019 Pommeau2 Towns CiderhouseSpecialtyBronze
2017 La Mûre2 Towns CiderhouseWild/Non-SacBronze
Clyde’s DryBauman’s CiderHeirloom Dry CiderBRONZE
Hop CollabBauman’s CiderHoppedBRONZE
OpalFreewater Cider CompanyModern Dry CiderBRONZE
55 ChainLiberty CiderworksEnglish Dry CiderBRONZE
PineapplePuget Sound Cider CompanyFruit CiderBRONZE
Virginia CrabapplePuget Sound Cider CompanySingle Varietal Cider – crab applesBronze
ProhibitionSea Cider Farm & CiderhouseWood/Oakedbronze
Berry RoséSeattle Cider CompanyFruit CiderBRONZE
HoneycrispSeattle Cider CompanyModern Sweet CiderBRONZE
Spiced PeachSeattle Cider CompanySpiced CiderBRONZE
Easy Squeezy2 Towns CiderhouseFruit CiderGOLD
11th Anniversary2 Towns CiderhouseModern Sweet CiderGOLD
Strawberry MojitoBauman’s CiderBotanicalGold
Gravenstein SVBauman’s CiderModern Dry CiderGOLD
McIntosh SVBauman’s CiderSingle Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary applesGOLD
Mountain Rose SVBauman’s CiderSingle Varietal Cider – red flesh applesGOLD
ChaiBend Cider Co.Spiced CiderGOLD
PerryFinnriver Farm and CideryTraditional PerryGold
Orchard Reserve Quince CiderPeak Light Cider CompanySpecialtyGold
RosePuget Sound Cider CompanyHeirloom Sweet CiderGOLD
Hazy GuavaRain Barrel CiderworksFruit CiderGOLD
Hop InfusedRootwood Cider CompanyHoppedGOLD
BittersweetSea Cider Farm & CiderhouseEnglish Sweet CiderGold
Pinot RoséSwift CiderWood/Oakedgold
ScrumpyThe Fraser Valley Cider CompanyEnglish Dry CiderGOLD
ApricotTieton Cider WorksFruit CiderGOLD
Cosmic Crisp2 Towns CiderhouseSingle Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary applesSILVER
Loganberry CiderBauman’s CiderFruit CiderSILVER
Porter’s Perfection SVBauman’s CiderSingle Varietal Cider – bittersweet/bittersharp applesSILVER
B.O.M.B. Cider – Mango CiderCyderishFruit CiderSilver
Sparkling PerryDragon’s Head CiderTraditional PerrySilver
First Pick: GravensteinRagged And Right Cider ProjectSingle Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary applesSILVER
Bergamot OakRuncible CiderBotanicalSilver
City Fruit 2018Seattle Cider CompanyModern Dry CiderSILVER
Pumpkin SpiceSeattle Cider CompanySpiced CiderSILVER
Pineapple HopSwift CiderHoppedSILVER
BlueberryTieton Cider WorksFruit CiderSILVER
Lavender HoneyTieton Cider WorksModern Sweet CiderSILVER
Perry OakyUpside CiderWood/Oakedsilver
FarmhouseWestern Cider CoEnglish Dry CiderSILVER
WicksonWestern Cider CoSingle Varietal Cider – crab applesSilver
Yonder Bar Anniversary BlendYonder CiderHeirloom Dry CiderSILVER

Executive Director of NWCA, Emily Ritchie

Purchase Cider Summit Portland Tasting Kits By June 6th- Nationwide Shipping Available!

This is the last week to purchase the Cider Summit PDX tasting kits! We have sorted these delicious ciders into 3 kits – Global Artisans, Art of the Apple (and Pear) & Modern Styles. Each kit includes our new Cider Summit cooler bag, access to our virtual tasting event and promotional gifts from Cider Summit & participating cidermakers. You can even add on Portland Pet Food Grain & Gluten Free Biscuits during checkout!

For those in the Portland area drive thru pickup available Saturday, June 26 from 12pm-3pm at the Benton Parking lot on the north side of Memorial Coliseum. Delivery also available statewide in OR. Nationwide shipping orders accepted via our friends at Press Then Press. Be sure to order by 11:59pm on June 6. Cheers!

Visit for all the info!

Zeeks Opens in Bellingham May 29th! Celebrates with Double Mountain Cider Collaboration!

Zeeks Pizza Bellingham is set to open to the public on May 29th.  Located at 2416 Meridian St., Zeeks Pizza Bellingham will be the first Zeeks location in Whatcom County and nineteenth overall. The newest addition to the Fountain District, Zeeks Pizza Bellingham is locally owned by Matt Stotts, Julie Stotts, Brady Scott and Cindy Scott, operating under the name Fountain Pyze, LLC.

The Fountain District restaurant will feature one of the most noteworthy beer line-ups in the Northwest and one that celebrates beers and ciders brewed in and around Bellingham. Zeeks has long partnered and collaborated with Bellingham breweries, and eight of the seventeen initial taps will feature local producers including Aslan Brewing Co., Chuckanut Brewery, Kulshan Brewing Co., Lost Giants Cider Company, Otherlands Beer, Stemma Brewing Company, Structures Brewing and Wander Brewing. It will also feature the newly released Steller’s Jay, a crisp dry-hopped lager brewed by Zeeks in collaboration with Black Raven Brewing built for summer beer quenching. Steller’s Jay was named by Zeeks Pizza Bellingham owner Julie Stotts and the beer celebrates women entrepreneurs in the Zeeks system including Stotts and Cindy Scott.

The entire Zeeks Pizza Bellingham tap line-up will be available for delivery in growlers and crowlers.  Its extensive bottle shop will also be available for delivery.  Like Zeeks’ tap list, the bottle shop features the best and brightest in Pacific Northwest beer and cider along with Washington wines, and local hard seltzer.  Zeeks two most renowned collaboration beers are the headliners.  Reuben’s Hop Tropic NW IPA and Urban Family’s Zeek & Destroy IIPA have a cult following in the Northwest and are the only two beers available year-round at Zeeks. Zeeks Pizza Bellingham’s delivery area will include most of Bellingham and by Washington State law food must be purchased to get alcohol delivered.

“We have been huge fans and advocates for Bellingham beer for a long time. I can’t think of a better beer city than Bellingham for Zeeks to be a part of, and we aim to keep the beer dollars as local as possible. We could not be more psyched to be a part of the community” says Tommy Brooks, the Director of Zeeks’ beverage program.

Zeeks Pizza Bellingham will have an indoor dining capacity of 194 people including 92 seats in the over 21 bar area.  Zeeks Pizza Bellingham will follow Washington State Covid guidelines and seating may be restricted when it opens.   Limited outdoor seating will be available on May 29th and will continually expand after opening.   In addition to dine-in, bar and delivery, take-out service will also be available.  Take-out and Delivery can be ordered directly from Zeeks Pizza Bellingham using the Zeeks Pizza App (available at the App Store and Google Play), online at, or by calling 360- 858-8646.

Local owners Matt and Julie Stotts and Cindy and Brady Scott are thrilled to bring Zeeks Pizza to Bellingham.  “Community connection is at the heart of our mission and we look forward to providing a space for neighbors, friends and family to gather around great food, the best local beer and a great customer experience 100% of the time.”, says Cindy Scott.  “We are excited to open in Bellingham”, says Dan Black, President of Zeeks Pizza, Inc.  “The beer centric-culture and enthusiasm for the Northwest lifestyle rooted in outdoor adventure are a good match for us and Matt, Julie, Brady and Cindy embody the entrepreneurial spirit and community commitment that we love about franchising.”

Zeeks Pizza is opening up shop in Bellingham on Saturday, May 29th.

On the cider front, we’ll be opening with the barrel-aged version of our ongoing collab with Double Mountain. Details here – Orchard Party Blog: in addition to Pineapple Cider from Lost Giants in Bellingham. Of course we’ll have the Tieton Apricot and Rambling Route cans available as well. All of the above available for on-premise AND delivery!

BC Cider Week is Back! Cideries across the province come together to celebrate their craft.

The Northwest Cider Association invites British Columbians to explore BC cider by visiting cideries and picking up BC cider at local retailers during BC Cider Week 2021, being held this month from Thursday, May 20th to Sunday, May 30th.

Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse is one of many craft cideries in BC gearing up for BC Cider
Week. “It’s not the BC Cider Week that we are accustomed to but we look forward to
celebrating and bringing attention to our craft each year.” Says Kristen Needham, Sea
Cider’s Founder and General Manager. “We believe that cider is for celebrating and that
cider is worth celebrating.”

Cideries across the province are coming together to provide safe and creative ways for
consumers to appreciate BC cider. From exciting seasonal releases to cider infused food
pop-ups and more, cider lovers can stay up to date on what’s happening here.
Working in cooperation with the Northwest Cider Association to celebrate BC cider is the
BC Farm Crafted Cider Association. “This past year has brought on plenty of challenges for
cideries throughout our province and we are lucky to have many local supporters,” says
Melissa Dobernigg, a Board member of the BC Farm Crafted Cider Association.
“BC Cider Week celebrates both those who make cider and those who enjoy cider,” says
Kristen. British Columbians can support their local cideries during BC Cider week by
purchasing cider, either directly from any of the nearly four dozen cideries in the province,
or by purchasing cider through BC liquor stores and restaurants.

About BC Cider Week
Founded in 2015 by the Northwest Cider Association, BC Cider Week brings attention to the
dozens of cider producers across the province. BC Cider Week, happening May 20-30th,
2021, was re-imagined so cider lovers still celebrate BC cider.

Greenwood Cider Whiskey Barrel Heirloom Bottle Release with Press Then Press for Washington Cider Week

Whiskey Barrel Heirloom Bottle Release with Press Then Press
Online-only Exclusive Release From Now Through Washington Cider Week

Greenwood Cider and Seattle-based online retailer Press Then Press have partnered for their
first ever online-only exclusive release, Whiskey Barrel Heirloom. 500ml bottles of Whiskey
Barrel Heirloom will be available at from now through Washington Cider
Week (9/10 – 9/20). With a virtual Seattle Cider Summit and limited Cider Week events, the two
companies seek to bring something new to isolated at-home celebrations taking place in
Washington and across the country this year.

North Seattle’s Greenwood Cider has offered barrel-aged and heirloom releases, but never one
and the same. Whiskey Barrel Heirloom is a blend of heirloom and cider apples, bittersweet and
bittersharps, aged for six months in Westland whiskey barrels. More than 13 varieties were
used, including Foxwhelp, Muscat de Dieppe, and Reine des Pommes. This is their third barrel-
aged release and first Heirloom Series release of 2020.

Seattle-based Press Then Press is an online retailer of rare, independent and craft ciders. Born
from an evening of drinking fine ciders around a firepit, they became determined to get craft
ciders in the hands of more people so they too can experience the best the Pacific Northwest
has to offer. They now ship to 49 states (Utah excluded).

From the usually boisterous Seattle Cider Summit to the extensive events that occur during
Washington Cider Week, this year is bound to feel a little different. Greenwood Cider and Press
Then Press hope to fill the void of this less-than-ideal year, break out of the mold and offer
something new for cider fans across the country.

Yonder Cider to Launch August 22 in Washington State and Beyond

Wenatchee-based cidery launches Seattle tasting room, online sales and new craft ciders

SEATTLE (August 17, 2020) – Yonder Cider is excited to announce the launch of its new line of
craft ciders, blending modern apples with traditional apples to create ciders as balanced, bright
and complex as the land they come from. Picked and pressed in Wenatchee, Washington – the
heart of Apple Country – Yonder’s unique approach creates ciders that are more full-flavored
and complex than traditional modern ciders, while still remaining affordable and wrapped in
packaging that’s perfect for any occasion. Available in 16-ounce cans ($11.99 four-pack) and
draft, Yonder marks the August 22 launch of its ciders with distribution throughout Washington,
online shipping, a Seattle retail shop and more.

“I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of the Wenatchee Valley and the apples it produces,
along with their unlimited potential for amazing cider,” said Caitlin Braam, founder of Yonder
Cider. “It’s why there was question where we would be producing ours. The depth of flavors and
character coming from the region’s apples are what help set our ciders apart, and we’re excited
to share what Wenatchee has to offer with the rest of Washington and beyond.”
Crafted using a blend of bittersweet cider apples and juicy culinary apples, Yonder creates ciders
that are hardly simple and you can always count on being interesting. With a foundation of
flavorful Fuji and Honeycrisp apples, a variety of cider apples – containing added tannins, acid
and body – are blended in to create a beautifully bright and complex cider. Products available
for launch include:

Dry (6.5% ABV) – Bright, light and refreshing. This easy drinking cider is a blend of traditional
and modern cider apple varieties with bright notes of citrus. Hints of orange and lime dance
with flavors of tropical fruit, making this a very refreshing but hard to define cider. Apples: Fuji,
Honeycrisp, Roxbury Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel, Porter’s Perfection, Wickson Crab
Semi Sweet (6.5% ABV) – Juicy, crisp and beautifully balanced. Bold tones of peaches and
strawberries compete with the nuance of spice, bringing the best out of our red fleshed and
traditional cider apples. This stunning and complex blend will keep you coming back to pinpoint
just what makes it so delicious. Apples: Fuji, Honeycrisp, Golden Russet, Dabinett, Various Red
Fleshed Apples

Palisades (6.5% ABV) – The perfect mix of tangy and tart. A blend of juicy culinary and old-world
apple complexity meets bright and mouthwatering Pacific Northwest blackberries, all of which is
supported by an herbal hint of sage. Inspired by a favorite cocktail at Seattle’s Oliver’s Twist.
Apples: Fuji, Honeycrisp, Roxbury Russet, Dabinett, Various Red Fleshed Apples


Yonder Cider will also feature a selection of single varietal ciders available only on draft,
including Roxbury Russet, Red Fleshed and more.

Available from Bellingham to Olympia through NW Beverages and Sound Beverages beginning
August 22, Yonder Cider will also be available throughout the greater Wenatchee/Leavenworth
area via self-distribution with plans for expansion to the rest of the state in the coming months.
From those not in Washington state, Yonder Cider is also now available online for shipping to 40

For those in Seattle, Saturday, August 22 will also mark the official opening of ‘Yonder Bar,’ the
to-go only retail shop for Yonder Cider. Located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood on 1 st Ave
NW between 78 th Street and 79 th Street (one of Seattle’s now pedestrian-only Stay Healthy
streets), Yonder Bar will offer four-packs and growlers to-go, along with merchandise, special
releases and more. A portion of the proceeds from Yonder Bar will be donated to the Phinney
Neighborhood Association.

“When we dreamed up Yonder, we also dreamed up the perfect tasting room – then COVID hit,”
added Braam. “We quickly pivoted, turned our garage into a little to-go spot, and now we
couldn’t be more excited about Yonder Bar. We love adding something fun to the
neighborhood, while bringing a little piece of Wenatchee to the heart of Seattle.”
Founded by Caitlin Braam (President), Tim Larsen (Head Cidermaker) and Maddy Porter
(Creative Director), Yonder Cider was born out of a true love for cider, both modern and
traditional. With more than a decade of experience in each of their respective fields, the team at
Yonder has spent the last nine months crafting the Yonder brand. Putting branding right
alongside cidermaking in importance, Yonder Cider offers ciders as beautiful as the packaging it
comes in, and through creative marketing, hopes to introduce an entirely new audience to the
world of cider.

For more information and updates, follow Yonder Cider on Instagram and Facebook, or visit the
website at To buy online, visit
Media interviews, samples and photos available upon request. Please contact Caitlin Braam at Establishments interested in carrying Yonder Cider products are
encouraged to send inquires to

About Yonder Cider
“I’ll be over yonder.” Yonder Cider was started to bring full-flavored, delicious cider to every
occasion. Whether it’s a hammock, a hike, or your favorite hole-in-the-wall, Yonder is a place
where you’re welcome and every possibility is just within reach. Picked and pressed in
Wenatchee, Washington – the heart of Apple Country – we create cider that's as balanced,
bright and complex as the land itself. Crafted using a blend of bittersweet cider apples and juicy
dessert apples, our ciders are hardly simple, and never straightforward – but you can always
count on them being interesting. Launching August 2020, Yonder Cider will be available in 16-
ounce cans and on draft throughout Seattle at your local grocery store, bottle shop or bar, and
online at For more information, follow Yonder Cider on Instagram and
Facebook (@yondercider).



The COVID-19 pandemic crashed upon the world with destruction in its wake, impacting nearly everyone. Yet where destruction brings pain and toil, life continues its march with new strength, resilience, and creativity. 

“Our business dropped by over 90% overnight,” states Tim Larsen, cidermaker at Snowdrift Cider Co., regarding the limitations placed on businesses in Washington State. “We kept our employees working as long as we possibly could, but did have to furlough our entire staff … it was a heart-wrenching decision to make.” 

But pain has a way of focusing attention, and Tim and the owners, like so many, have poured time and energy into taking a hard look at what they have to work with, uncovering new strategies to move forward—and finding opportunities to help those also struggling. 

…Like the restaurant industry, which was devastated, had to furlough thousands of employees, and quickly scramble to offer delivery and takeout services. 

Resilience, Resistance, Strength 

For some, the pivot has turned into a positive. Zeeks Pizza is a partner restaurant in the Hero Meals program, which delivers fresh meals to front-line workers, donated by supportive community members. That’s not the only plus. Tommy Brooks, Director of Business Development at Zeeks Pizza, reports another shift: thanks to his team’s creativity, their draft beer & cider sales have increased during this time, with growlers sold to-go, to many who previously would enjoy their evenings in bars. 

This move has been good for their business—and it also trickles down to the company’s suppliers, such as Larsen’s cider company. In a time when demand has dried up elsewhere, an opportunity has opened up for them to make a community-minded move and release cider that otherwise would not have sold during this time. So Snowdrift Cider Co. is opening up their 2019 reserves—at cost—to give restaurants an authentic, affordable cider that delivers a special experience from their cider orchard. 

“The goal is to have something exciting out, to draw people out to support restaurants (even if it’s takeout), so they can get more employees working again,” says Larsen. As they stand in support of restaurants, they’ve named this cider Solidarity. “We don’t have a whole lot to offer at this point, but we do have cider – and we’re sharing that!” 

# # # 

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Snowdrift Cider Co., please contact Tim Larsen at (509) 885-2734,