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Watch Laura Cherry of Dragon's Head Cider share how NWCA membership helps her business.

How will my NWCA membership help my business?


Sales and Marketing Support

The NWCA works to drive direct to consumer and Business to Business NW cider sales. Getting in front of trade, distributors and customers is a heavy lift. The NWCA lightens the load. NWCA hosts numerous consumer and trade facing events all designed to increase their knowledge of and positive attitudes towards and purchase of NW Cider. And now, the NW Cider Club, a benefit for Northwest Cider Association members only, is one more way that NWCA helps you sell your cider.


We work hard to maintain the quality of out regional cider brand. Our annual Portland International Cider Cup is open only to cidermakers in our region and our  experienced judges give direct written feedback to all entrants. Consumer education events teach cider drinkers to appreciate the unique flavors, and the NW Cider Symposium is an annual conference that offers educational  opportunities for all in the field.


NWCA is committed to creating community in our cidermaking region and beyond. Our annual NW Cider Symposium, Annual Cider Month, Portland International Cider Cup and frequent virtual gatherings create community and make our industry stronger. 


NWCA partners with national craft beverage advocacy groups to influence federal and state policy to improve our industry. We leverage our collective voice to  strategically advocate for our cider community.             


“As one of the founding members of the NWCA, Finnriver Cidery remains committed to supporting the organization with both membership dues as well as by participating on multiple levels including membership on the Board of Directors.  We feel strongly that the Association continues to work effectively to promote cider in the NW and to promote NW Cider more broadly, for the benefit of all of its members.  While obviously still in its formative stages, the NWCA is far ahead of any other regional cider association in the country in terms of organization, cohesiveness, and implementation of projects to benefit members in the industry.

As the industry continues to grow, the NWCA is poised to be in position to grow along with it and will continue to help promote quality internally among its members, putting substance behind the promotion of excellence to the public.  The continued growth of the NWCA will help ensure that the NW Region solidifies its growing reputation as a hub of cider consumption and more importantly as the epicenter of high-quality cider-production, collaboration, and cooperation amongst and between cider producers. Join us today!”

— Eric Jorgensen, Finnriver Cidery Co-founder

Cidermaker Membership Levels:

(Prices in US dollars)

  • CIP (Cidery-in-Planning) ($220)
  • Nano Cidery: 0 to 10,000 gallons ($440)
  • Micro Cidery: 10,001 to 20,000 gallons ($825)
  • Small Cidery: 20,001 to 50,000 gallons ($1,100)
  • Large Cidery: 50,001 to 100,000 gallons ($1,650)
  • Extra Large Cidery: 100,001 to 250,000 gallons ($2,200)
  • Volume Cidery: 250,001+ gallons ($2,750)
  • Non-regional Cidery: for cidermakers outside of BC, ID, MT, OR, and WA ($165)

Non-Cidery Memberships

Are you a cider fan or cider-enthusiastic business? Please join us.

(prices in US dollars)

  • Orchards ($165)
    • VIP status, newsletter subscription, NWCA forum and social media access, member decal, permission to display NWCA logo on member website and printed materials, and listing on NWCA website
  • Allied Suppliers ($385)
    • VIP status, newsletter subscription, NWCA forum access, social media access, member decal, permission to display NWCA logo on member website and printed materials, priority for event participation (sponsorship, advertising, and space), and listing on NWCA website
  • Cider Enthusiast (Consumers) ($55)
    • VIP status, special event opportunities discounts, newsletter subscription, and member decal


What we do for NW cideries: 

We focus on making it easier for you to run a small business so you have more time to enjoy life. 

Over the past five years programming and the association structure have evolved along with industry growth. It's an exciting time to get involved. 

You can count on the Northwest Cider Association for: 

  • Strong marketing support - collective marketing around people, passion, and place.
  • NW Cider Symposium - 300+ cider professionals learning about marketing, making, running a cidery business, and orcharding. More advanced content than other cider events.
  • NW Cider Club (ROI for members). Elegant solution to a number of issues we saw in the industry. We saw cideries were struggling to pivot and sell online. We launched in Dec 2020 and have 550+ club subscribers. 
  • Leveraged membership dollars to bring in over $500,000 in grant dollars to support marketing and communications to distributors, the trade and consumers.
  • Deeper connections with peers in the brewing, winemaking and distillery industry to leverage resources and find common ground in advocacy.
  • Capacity has increased. Now 2 staff plus 5 consultants who are highly skilled and nimble. 
  • During the pandemic we held town halls and regular panels to help cideries quickly pivot marketing messages and online sales and stay on top of industry trends in packaging and distribution etc.