Northwest Cider Club

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FOR CIDERIES – NWCA Selection Goals

We are excited to launch this brand new, debut cider club with you! First of its kind, the NW Cider Club will bring a variety of ciders from our region direct to consumers to educate, inspire and convert cider explorers and geeks to loyal cider drinkers. NWCA will strive for fairness in selecting cideries by following these criteria. Each season may not be completely balanced, but we aim to meet the below criteria across each calendar year. 

Thank you to our Founding NW Cider Club Sponsors for helping NWCA establish this as a very real marketing and sales avenue for our members.


  • Meet Grant Goals – NWCA has received several state department of agriculture grants to help us launch the NW Cider Club. Our first several seasons establishing the Cider Club will prioritize meeting grant requirements. This may result in less balance but will help NWCA launch and grow NW Cider Club into a sustainable program.


  • Geography – We will strive to select geographically proportionate cideries, while balancing theme and cost. NWCA will select cideries proportionately based on current membership of cideries across WA, OR, MT, & ID whenever possible. The launch of this club is funded by the USDA, which at this time precludes our Canadian members. In the future, we strive to create a sustainable program that is inclusive of all our members.


  • Harvest-driven vs Modern Styles – NWCA will select a variety of styles of ciders to educate club members on the breadth of ciders that exist in the NW. The club is our “megaphone,” our voice, our pulpit to share with consumers what comes from the PNW. Each box will be messaged around a theme.


  • Format-  For packaging ease, each box will focus on one format at a time (i.e. all 500ml bottles together instead of mixing small and large bottles in one shipment).Over time, we will include all bottle/can formats.


  • Production Size of Cidery – We will strive to select a variety of cidery sizes:


Nano Cidery: 0 to 10,000 gallons 

Micro Cidery: 10,001 to 20,000 gallons 

Small Cidery: 20,001 to 50,000 gallons

Large Cidery: 50,001 to 100,000 gallons

Extra Large Cidery: 100,001 to 250,000 gallons 

Volume Cidery: 250,001+ gallons 

Basic Criteria

All cideries must meet & agree to these criteria before being selected:


  • Current member of the Northwest Cider Association with dues paid for 2021
  • Must sign up with Vinoshipper (or currently ship with Vinoshipper) and sign these agreements w/Vinoshipper:
    • Trademark agreement
    • Production agreement
    • Trade name authorization
  • Capacity to produce adequate quantity of selected cider 
  • Capacity to deliver or arrange for delivery of selected cider to Salem, OR
  • Capacity & desire to work with NWCA staff on cider selection
  • Willingness to promote and encourage purchase of NW Cider Club box containing your cider through your marketing & social media channels

For more information please reach out to Jana[at]

Example Deadlines & Notes

October 2: Cideries agree to meet basic criteria and participate 

October 9: First ciders selected 

October 19: Participating cideries sign all docs with Vinoshipper 

October 23: Cider Club Launch 

November 29: Deadline for consumers to order 

November 30: NWCA will communicate quantity to participating cideries 

November 30 – December 7: Cideries deliver/ship product to Wineco 

December 7: Product at Wineco 

December 21: Approximate delivery date