Idyll Acres

Richard Hostetter

5853 Southwood Drive
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Idyll Acres is a dedicated cider apple farm located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We grow special, mostly ancient apples: American, English and French varieties loved for their aromatic, tannic, astringent character. We grow lots of them. We also grow and sell the trees that produce these apples. If you are a cidermaker looking for commercial quantities of Reine des Pommes, Muscadet de Dieppe, Dabinett, Vilberie, and many more — or a grower looking for large quantities of trees…then you’ve found the right place.

Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Randy Kiyokawa

8129 Clear Creek Road
Parkdale, OR 97041

Kiyokawa Family Orchards has been growing the finest produce available since 1911. We’re proud to be a part of the famous Hood River Valley, where the nation’s finest apples and pears are grown. The fertile soils found at the base of Mt. Hood and rarified, glacier-fed water sources create a unique growing environment allowing us to offer over 150 distinct varieties of apples, pears, asian pears, cherries and stone fruit. We take pride in promoting local and sustainably grown produce and utilize a farm management system that incorporates best management practices.

Facebook: Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Lonely Mountain Orchard

Nick Hill

Lonely Mountain Orchard is nestled on the slopes of the Manastash Ridge at an elevation of 2400 feet just outside of Ellensburg Washington.  The name Manastash comes from the native Sahaptin word /máːmaštaš/, possibly meaning “we are going root digging”. For countless years the rich volcanic soil of this area has nurtured many peoples and the bounty of this land continues to this day.

Abundant sunshine, high daytime temperatures with dramatic temperature drops of up to 30F every night increases the sugar content and tannins of our traditional cider apples. It’s no wonder dozens of awards have been won by ciders crafted with cider apples from this orchard.

We have over twenty varieties of Traditional Cider apples for sale starting in September-November:
Virginia Crabapple, Kingston Black, Stoke Red, Brown Snout, Cox Orange Pippin, Michelin, Dabinett, Bramley, Golden Russet, Spitzenburg, Harry Masters Jersey, Winesap, Brown’s, Porter’s Perfection, Franklin Cider, Harrison, Wickson Crabapple and several “Unknown Heirloom” apple varieties from an original 1890’s homestead on San Juan Island.

Meyer Nursery & Orchards

Keith Meyer

3795 Gibson Road NW
Salem, OR 97304

Orchardist with 5 acres of cider varieties planted in 2019 with plans to machine harvest with a shaker and catcher.

Pleasant Valley Cider Apples

Ashley Lindsay

28376 Pleasant Valley Rd
Sweet Home, OR 97386

Sustainable Cider Apples grown in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

French, English, and American Cider Apples, Perry Pears, Red-flesh Apples and other Unique NW Fruits.

Inquire about Scions and Custom Grafting, Orchard Design, Management and Consulting Services.

San Juan Apple and Cider Co.

Suzanne Diesen

4235 Beach Drive East
Port Orchard, Washington 98366

Cider apple orchard.

Seagate Farm

Benjamin Squire and John Latimer

300 Sandwith Road
Friday Harbor, WA

Seagate Farm’s primary crops are heirloom apples and pears for hard cider producers. We also incorporate a variety of other fruit trees, berries, cover crops, and native plants following organic principles and practices to increase biodiversity in the region and benefit our community.


Sherman Creek Orchard & Resort

John Ellis

32 Apple Tree Drive
Kettle Falls, WA 99141

We sit on 50 acres on the banks of Lake Roosevelt, isolated in the mountains and surrounded by forest land. Our fruit is bursting in flavor because of Sherman Creek, this natural mountain stream flows pure mineral rich water over our orchard nourishing it with fresh live water full of nutrients and minerals making our fruit and ciders most desirable. We sell our apples and pears by the bin and ciders by 250 gallon totes for wholesale customers. We have over 19 varieties of apples and 28 varieties of pears, peaches, cherries, apricots & plums. We are implementing biodiversity techniques and we are working on our Organic Certification.

Facebook: Sherman Creek Orchard & Resort 

Upper Valley Farms LLC

Eddie Salminen
(541) 490-6644

5025 Quinn Drive
Mount Hood Parkdale, OR

Small family farm located in the Hood River Upper Valley. Currently producing Certified Organic Jonagold apples. We have an additional five acres of cider varieties that will come on line beginning in fall 2017.

Warren Orchard

Bill Warren
(509) 520-2599

650 Wagon Rd
Dayton, WA 99328

Diversified family farm that includes producing apples and pears venturing towards dedicating a portion of the orchard to hard cider varietals that are grower friendly and in demand by cidermakers.

Facebook: Warren Orchard Dayton Washington

Whitestone Mountain Orchard

Hal Jackson

P.O. Box 1427
Tonasket, Washington 98855

Organic fruit, orchard fresh.
All our fruit is certified organic and grown using regenerative agriculture practices. We produce multiple varieties of apples and pears, as well as currants, picked fresh and delivered to you at the height of ripeness.


Wombat Flats, LLC.

Sally Duncan

5790 SW West Hills Road
Corvallis, OR 97333

We grow exclusively heritage apples, for the serious love of serious cider. Varieties come from Britain, France, and the U.S.