About Cider

At Its Core, Cider Is Fermented Apple Juice.

Cider is also: rich in history, rich in flavor, rich in antioxidants, and most excitingly, Northwest Ciders are rooted in one of the most diverse landscapes and apple growing regions in the world.

Rich in History

Most people don’t realize it, but cider used to be America’s favorite drink. It was widely consumed in the early settlements and throughout the East Coast. Its low alcohol content made it a good beverage for drinking throughout the day, and in a time when sanitation was marginal at best, it was a great way to stay hydrated.

Today, Northwest cidermakers push the boundaries of what cider can be with both passion and integrity so we can provide the best expression of NW cider. 


Rich in Flavor

Cider can range from light, delicate and sparkly to rich, dark, and full of complexity. There are hundreds of varieties of cider apples that can grow a wide variety luscious flavors, fragrant aromatics and intense tannins. These are the building blocks for good cider. Cidermakers carefully select their preferred varieties to get the flavors they seek.

Northwest Cider Association

Formed in 2010, NWCA brings cideries and cider lovers together to share knowledge and live the NW cider culture.