Le Royer – Saint-Fraimbault, France

Cidrerie Leroyer - Cidermaker Stephen Leroyer
La Poulardière, 61350 Saint-Fraimbault, France
+33 2 33 38 31 96

Farming Characteristics:

  • 440 acre farm
  • 25 acres dedicated to standard apple tree production
  • 415 acres dedicated to pasture and milk production
  • 100% Organic

Leroyer produces 150-200 tons of fruit per year from the 25 acres which are on traditional high-stem trees. Of that production, 50% are apple and 50% are pears, all for the production of cider and perry. As is traditional, cows are grazed under the trees during the growing season and taken to pasture six weeks before harvest.


Apples are harvested by machine in two picks. The first is said to be for the production of calvados and the latter for the production of cider.

Apples may be stored for a few days in wood bins. Leroyer uses a water bath for cleaning and a grater for milling. They prefer no maceration time before loading into a bladder press (Bucher RPF22 closed cage). Total time in the press can be up to 2.5 hrs and maximum pressure in 2 bar.


Leroyer utilizes 5000L variable capacity fiberglass tanks for keeving. He suggest investing in stainless for new cideries as the fiberglass is under scrutiny and may not be allowed in the future.

Leroyer prefers bittersweet apples at the ripest stages to produce the chapeau brun. Higher pH ranges produce better chapeau brun. Target pH’s are 3.7-3.8. Acids, as malic, are often used to adjust the pH if it is too high. Fermentation temps to produce the chapeau brun are kept under 10 degree Celsius.