Northwest Cider Events

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Vashon Island CiderFest

Saturday, October 7
1:00 PM — 5:00 PM
Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce 17205 Vashon Hwy SW Vashon, WA 90878 (map) Google CalendarICS

Join us on Saturday October 7th, 2023 for CiderFest, when the Vashon community celebrates of all things cider! The day will be filled with fun events, exhibits and treats for all ages.

Cider has deep roots in American history. In colonial times, hard cider was by far the most popular alcoholic beverage, far more than whiskey, wine, or beer. Apple orchards were planted throughout the states, not for eating but for making cider. Many small farms grew cider apples and produced cider, sometimes supplementing farm worker wages with the fermented product.

Why cider lost popularity in the US is up for scholarly debate, but as more people look to eat local, support sustainable agriculture and help small farms grow artisan crafted local ciders are growing in popularity. Vashon is home to many small farms, specialty orchards and talented cider makers. Even the casual gardener has apple and pear trees growing in their yards and probably has a cider press in the garage.