Lonely Mountain Orchard

Nick Hill

Lonely Mountain Orchard is nestled on the slopes of the Manastash Ridge at an elevation of 2400 feet just outside of Ellensburg Washington.  The name Manastash comes from the native Sahaptin word /máːmaštaš/, possibly meaning “we are going root digging”. For countless years the rich volcanic soil of this area has nurtured many peoples and the bounty of this land continues to this day.

Abundant sunshine, high daytime temperatures with dramatic temperature drops of up to 30F every night increases the sugar content and tannins of our traditional cider apples. It’s no wonder dozens of awards have been won by ciders crafted with cider apples from this orchard.

We have over twenty varieties of Traditional Cider apples for sale starting in September-November:
Virginia Crabapple, Kingston Black, Stoke Red, Brown Snout, Cox Orange Pippin, Michelin, Dabinett, Bramley, Golden Russet, Spitzenburg, Harry Masters Jersey, Winesap, Brown’s, Porter’s Perfection, Franklin Cider, Harrison, Wickson Crabapple and several “Unknown Heirloom” apple varieties from an original 1890’s homestead on San Juan Island.