Portland International Cider Cup 2022 Winners Announced

2022 Portland International Cider Cup Winners Announced

Northwest cideries make this the largest competition year ever!

PORTLAND, Ore. (May 27, 2022) – The Northwest Cider Association (NWCA) proudly announced the 2022 winners of their annual Portland International Cider Cup (PICC) competition last night at a sold-out awards party, hosted at Swift Cider in NE Portland. 

NWCA unveiled 57 Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winning ciders from Pacific Northwest cidermakers across 20 distinct categories and seven subcategories – ranging from Modern Dry to Traditional Perries. The newest category additions being the adoption of a dedicated category for Red Fleshed Ciders and expansion of Fruit Cider subcategories. 

The Northwest is home to 150 orchard-based, small, independent, and mid-sized makers, and Portland International Cider Cup is the region’s premier judged competition. This year, PICC received more cider entries than ever before, up nearly 100 entries from 2021. In the 2022 competition, nearly 50 cideries from OR, WA, MT, ID and British Columbia entered 241 unique offerings, judged by just under 50 professional cider judges who traveled from around the region to Portland, Oregon for the all-day judging event in early May.

“Cider was the only craft beverage that grew  in the Northwest last year, so this year’s competition was very exciting,” says Northwest Cider Association’s Executive Director, Emily Ritchie. “We had nearly 60% more entries than last year, and also created some interesting new categories like Red-Fleshed ciders. NWCA, who runs the competition, is a non-profit supporting cidermakers in four Northwest states and British Columbia – an area recognized as one of the most innovative cider regions in the nation.

Started nearly a decade ago, by a handful of local makers, Portland International Cider Cup is still a bit of an industry insider secret. Born from the founders’ desire to solicit valuable, blind product feedback from judges, the cup has been an engine, driving quality and fostering healthy competition and community. PICC has gradually grown in size and visibility as the cider category becomes more known and more cideries open their doors. In 2021, 45 medals were awarded. In 2022, the number rose to 57 medals, in concert with a sizable increase in competitive entries. “After a hiatus in 2020, it feels like we are coming back with renewed energy” states Ritchie in reference to the uptick in entries.

The PICC 2022 Runner Up and Winner of Best of Show

Northwest Cider Association has been running the competition since 2016. Training judges is something the Association takes seriously. Ciders are judged by trained industry experts looking for excellence, flaws and determined style qualities. The competition is strict and not all categories take medals if the quality is not there. 

As the competition continues to grow, medaling at PICC remains a challenge and is a respected accolade. Less than a quarter of ciders entered this year won a medal, so these wins really count, they carry weight both in the backyard and afar. “Cidermaking is a celebrated and respected craft here in the Northwest and our ciders are earning recognition at home and internationally,” Ritchie says.

2022 By the Numbers:

  • 57 Total Medals were awarded (17 Bronze, 21 Silver and 19 Gold). 
  • Best in Show went to Seattle Cider (WA) Honeycrisp, which won gold in both Modern Sweet and Single Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary category. 
  • Best in Show Runner Up went to Peak Light Cider (OR) for their Orchard Reserve Quince Cider, which took Gold for the second year running in the Specialty category. 
  • Best New Cidery went to RAW Cider Company (OR). RAW earned Gold for their Semi Dry in the French Cider category.

Gold medal winners from PICC 2022


Redfield Rose’35A: Red Fleshed CiderPuget Sound Cider CompanyGOLD
Mountain Rose SV35A: Red Fleshed CiderBauman’s CiderSILVER
Serie VergerA1: Modern Dry Cider19 Acres Cider Co.BRONZE
Mcintosh Cellar SeriesA1: Modern Dry Cider2 Towns CiderhouseGOLD
Golden BelleA1: Modern Dry CiderThe Fraser Valley Cider CompanySILVER
OdysseyA2: Modern Sweet CiderSeattle Cider CompanyBRONZE
HoneycrispA2: Modern Sweet CiderSeattle Cider CompanyGOLD
11th AnniversaryA2: Modern Sweet Cider2 Towns CiderhouseSILVER
Sojurn – Vista RidgeB1: Heirloom Dry CiderFinnriver Farm & CideryBRONZE
Kingston BlendB1: Heirloom Dry CiderPuget Sound Cider CompanyGOLD
ClaystoneB1: Heirloom Dry CiderIdol Cider HouseSILVER
Excelsior Imperial Heirloom AppleB2: Heirloom Sweet CiderSchilling CiderBRONZE
Imperial Golden RussetB2: Heirloom Sweet CiderBauman’s CiderGOLD
Estate BlendB2: Heirloom Sweet CiderRootwood Cider CompanySILVER
55 ChainC1: English Dry CiderLiberty CiderworksBRONZE
Porter’s Perfection SVC1: English Dry CiderBauman’s CiderSILVER
BittersweetC2: English Sweet CiderSea Cider Farm & CiderhouseGOLD
KeevedD1: French CiderVictoria Cider Co.BRONZE
Semi DryD1: French CiderRAW Cider CompanyGOLD
QuimperD1: French CiderFinnriver Farm & CiderySILVER
Wolf In The WoodsE1: HoppedSea Cider Farm & CiderhouseGOLD
My Own Private Idaho 7E1: HoppedBauman’s CiderSILVER
Rubus Wild RaspberryF1: Wild/Non-SacArchibald James Wine And CiderBRONZE
GarratzaF1: Wild/Non-SacLiberty CiderworksGOLD
Wild EnglishF1: Wild/Non-SacSea Cider Farm & CiderhouseSILVER
Spiced PeachG1: Spiced CiderSeattle Cider CompanyGOLD
ChaiderG1: Spiced CiderSchilling CiderSILVER
Lavender HoneyG2: BotanicalTieton Cider WorksBRONZE
Golden GhostG2: BotanicalRootwood Cider CompanyGOLD
Gin BotanicalG2: BotanicalSeattle Cider CompanySILVER
Fire BarrelH1: Wood/OakedFinnriver Farm & CideryBRONZE
Farmer’s Old FashionedH1: Wood/OakedBauman’s CiderGOLD
Red Wine Barrel-Aged BerryH1: Wood/OakedSeattle Cider CompanySILVER
BlueberryI1: Fruit CiderSwift CiderBRONZE
Incline Blood OrangeI1: Fruit CiderIncline Cider CompanyBRONZE
Loganberry CiderI1: Fruit CiderBauman’s CiderBRONZE
Peach RaspberryI1: Fruit CiderBauman’s CiderBRONZE
Tropical Cosmic CrispI1: Fruit Cider2 Towns CiderhouseBRONZE
RaspberryI1: Fruit CiderPuget Sound Cider CompanyGOLD
CherryI1: Fruit CiderPuget Sound Cider CompanyGOLD
Blueberry PomegranateI1: Fruit CiderAvid CiderGOLD
Pacific PineappleI1: Fruit Cider2 Towns CiderhouseGOLD
Apple PearI1: Fruit CiderPuget Sound Cider CompanySILVER
Wild Red HuckleberryI1: Fruit CiderPuget Sound Cider CompanySILVER
Incline MarionberryI1: Fruit CiderIncline Cider CompanySILVER
Tilikum Tropic ThunderI1: Fruit Cider12 Bridge CiderworksSILVER
Apricot PeachI1: Fruit CiderAvid CiderSILVER
Gallatin Grapefruit MintI1: Fruit CiderLockhorn Hard CiderSILVER
Ice CiderJ1: SpecialtySeattle Cider CompanyBRONZE
Orchard Reserve Quince CiderJ1: SpecialtyPeak Light Cider CompanyGOLD
PommeauJ1: SpecialtyRagged And Right Cider ProjectSILVER
PearyK1: Modern PerryScenic Road Cider Co.GOLD
Semi-Dry PerryK1: Modern PerrySnowdrift Cider Co.SILVER
Traditional PerryL1: Traditional PerrySeattle Cider CompanyBRONZE
Sip & Tell Single Varietal Mac CiderM1: Single Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary applesRiley’s CideryBRONZE
HoneycrispM1: Single Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary applesSeattle Cider CompanyGOLD
Cosmic CrispM1: Single Varietal Cider – dessert/culinary apples2 Towns CiderhouseSILVER
HarrisonM2: Single Varietal Cider – bittersweet/bittersharp applesPuget Sound Cider CompanyBRONZE
Golden RussetM2: Single Varietal Cider – bittersweet/bittersharp applesFinnriver Farm & CideryGOLD
Limited Release Kingston Black Single Varietal CiderM2: Single Varietal Cider – bittersweet/bittersharp applesPeak Light Cider CompanySILVER

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